BSA Board Nominees

Yukti Arya

Currently Studying

Bach of Health Science in Dentistry/Master of Dentistry
(Second Year)

Hello, my name is Yukti Arya and I’m a second-year dentistry student. You guys may have seen me around perhaps fawning over puppies in the SU, volunteering at university events or even partying it up on the Universal’s dance floor.
So why should I be on the BSA board? Well one of my fundamental values is helping others. I believe in the karmic value and happiness it can bring. It is the reason why I study what I do, am constantly volunteering or seeking experiences that will help me grow.
I help others because of the sheer joy that being kind can bring to another person’s day. And that is why I want to be part of the BSA board. I want to listen to my fellow colleagues concerns and try to bring about changes that will make their university experience amazing.  I want to inspire people to strive for greatness, but to also help others along the way because kindness is contagious.
Now as a BSA Board member, I can’t make any promises for certain changes, but I can promise to listen and to actively try to facilitate the changes that you guys seek.
So please vote for Yukti; for someone who promises to try.

Brody McDowell    

Currently Studying
Bach of Laws/Commerce
(First Year)

Success, isn’t that what we are all here for?

We have all had one of those weeks where you just need someone on your side. Someone like the BSA who makes sure you do not fail that subject with that lecturer that you just can’t deal with. Someone like the clubs and societies who hold mystery buses so you can relax with your mates.Someone like me. My name is Brody McDowell, and I am on your side.
Growth from here onwards is focused on us, the students. I will ensure improvements in career opportunities, student engagement and quality of life to allow each and every one of us to reach our definition of success.

I will ensure that your club thrives so you can benefit from their event. 
I will ensure that you and your views are represented and respected, so that no matter what you are passionate about, it is reflected in our environment.
However, all this can’t be done without commitment, both now and into the future.
That is why I’m committed to La Trobe and to you.
So don’t just vote for me, vote for what I stand for and how it will benefit our success. 

Nakita Thomson

Currently Studying

Master of Planning and Community Development
(First Year)

I am a psychology graduate now studying my masters in planning. I have been on the executive board of three clubs (Psychology, Law and BeGreen). I have also been a very active member of university life having attended many events over my four years of study.

I am passionate about making student life more exciting, cheaper and more sustainable. I believe that as a regional university we are uniquely positioned to lead the way as an environmentally friendly campus.
I run two zero waste pages which are quite successful and have experience advising people and businesses on how they can reduce their waste output.

I am also a passionate Greens supporter and have a wealth of experience in public speaking and advocacy on behalf of the environment. I am also passionate about getting young people and women into in politics and would love to mentor students keen to get involved in having their voices heard!

Vote for me as your representative for the BSA!

Skye Anderson

Currently Studying
Bachelor of Human Services/Master of Social Work
(Second Year)

I would like to respectively acknowledge the Dja Dja Wurrang people as the traditional custodians of the land of which we stand on today, I would like to pay my respects to my elders past future and present.

I’m Skye Anderson. I’m a proud indigenous woman from the Mutti Mutti region of Victoria. I’m currently in my second year of 4 in my social work degree. I grew up here in Bendigo in a single parent household, this has shaped my passion for human rights and giving people a voice that are too afraid to speak


Larnie Ham   

Currently Studying
Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours)
(Second Year)

I would appreciate the chance to be a BSA Board Director as I see myself as someone who could be a great addition to this already amazing bunch of people that are already inspiring students in all year levels and schools within the university.

I see myself as a great ambassador for the BSA as I have workable skills in multiple areas from previous and varied leadership roles in most groups that I have been involved in.

I want to be a mentor and great inspiration for woman going to a STEM course and being only one in five females enrolled over all the years of engineering, this has given me the drive to pursue this interest to support and encourage other women and make their transition a positive and rewarding one.