Student Advocacy

Student versus University
Sometimes students have a problem with a lecturer or a University policy that they find hard to resolve by themselves. The BSA provides free, independent advice to students and can help represent you write letters to the University or attend meetings with you to ensure the best possible outcome. Confidentiality is assured and because the BSA is an independant organisation serving students, we can represent you without any conflict of interest.
The Student Advocate can Help with a Diversity of Problems
Academic Progress - Show cause Student rights and responsibilities
Academic Progress Review University administration procedures
Academic Misconduct (Plagiarism) Problems with a lecturer or supervisor
Special consideration Appeals against assessment
Re-marking of exams or assignments Disciplinary matters
If you have any issues to discuss, contact the Student Advocate. or 03 5444 7976
Student Rights
The BSA works to represent the best interests of La Trobe University, Bendigo students on a range of higher education issues. The student association not only help ensure that universities always deliver quality service and value for money, they fight for a fair deal on behalf of all students on a broader level. This might include activities such as lobbying local, state or federal government, working with other interest groups, holding forums or coordinating petitions. The range of higher education issues the BSA addresses are as diverse as student poverty, HECS fees and higher education funding & services. Part of the role of the BSA is also to inform students about these higher education issues and how they affect them.