BSA membership Online!

BSA Membership 
For only $50, a full-year BSA membership gives students great value for money over and above the standard services provided through SSAF funding. We have updated our member benefits to suit 2020's restrictions so you can study from home but still be a part of the BSA community!

To become a BSA member:
1. Create a BSA account on this website (see button below)
2. Purchase your 2020 Membership online or in person at the BSA Info Desk
3. Make sure your postal address is right because we will send you the full pack!
4. Be a part of a fantastic community!




Exclusive Events & Discounts
Enjoy members only events with complimentary beverages, food and entertainment. Special discounted prizes for BSA Events

Free Lunch!
We aren't on campus but we will still get you fed! When you become a member, make sure you add a mobile number and join in the fun with our text to win comps for Uber eats vouchers and more!

Sweet Merchandise Pack
BSA Grey jumper or BSA T-shirt with Power Pack | Stockroom stationery | Movie tickets 

Surprise member Giveaways
Automatic entry into BSA Member draw giveaways! Check out our socials for updates. 

Free Cinema Tickets for new online members!
Bendigo Cinema tickets so you can enjoy a day out of the house. 
$5 off Clubs & Societies fees
Take $5 off memberships to BSA affiliated
Clubs & Societies
Better prices on short courses
Members get special discounted prices for all BSA run short courses throughout the academic year